What we support

We welcome applications from a variety of charities, but your charity should fit all four of the numbered requirements below.

Dandelion Time

1.   We welcome applications from charities that:
  • are small and local (as opposed to regional or national), or
  • are a local branch of a national charity if you hold your own accounts, AND
  • are registered with the Charity Commission or are exempt from registration, AND
  • have an annual income below £1.5 million.

2.  We support charities that work in the fields of:

  • social welfare, all age groups
  • housing/homelessness
  • community and environmental development
  • opportunities for young people
  • promotion of improved quality of life
  • personal or community empowerment.
Edwards Trust

Edward’s Trust

3.  We work in specific geographical areas which include:

  • Greater Birmingham: Birmingham City, Coventry City, Dudley, Sandwell, Solihull, Walsall, Wolverhampton
  • Cambridgeshire
  • Kent and Medway (excludes London boroughs)

4.  We support charities that have safeguarding policies in place, as per the Charity Commission guidelines.

Trustees do give grants outside these criteria but only to organisations in which they have a personal interest.

Please note that we do not support large building appeals, animal charities, research or further education, nor do we support individuals.

Payments can be made payable only to registered charities.

Sahara Covent